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Jab Advertising appreciates what small business means to the community and we are always honored to help.
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Jab Advertising specializes in providing you with the right marketing strategy and the right tactics.
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Jab Advertising believes everyone who wants good advertising should have good advertising.
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Located in downtown Canton, Ohio, Jab Advertising provides the practical punch small business needs to succeed.

What's Your Why?


One of the most important questions you haven't considered...

Small Businesses Deserve Great Advertising. It’s that simple.

When people ask me why I started my own agency, my answer is the same: I believe everyone deserves great advertising. Sometimes, my interrogator counters with something like, “Don’t we have enough advertising?” Or, “Do we really need more advertising?” Yes!, I answer. More GREAT advertising.

Great advertising inspires action. Great advertising educates. Great advertising builds preference. Great advertising respects intelligence. So that’s why I do what I do. Because small businesses deserve great advertising.

The Most Important Question is the one we’ll use to get started

Any good ad guy starts with a lot of questions. So let me ask this of you: What’s your why?

It’s an important question and one I’ll ask you should we get together. “Why” transcends the “how” and the “what.” Author and innovator Simon Sinek calls the three questions “The Golden Circle®” with “why” right in the center. You know “what” you do. And hopefully, you know “how” you do it. But “why?”

Maybe that gives you some pause. And remember, “making money,” “gaining prominence,” or “living independently” are mere results of your business.

When you hire Jab Advertising, we’ll ask you “why?” Having your strategic brand position answers the “what” and, occasionally, the “how.” We can help you uncover that, too. But you deserve to go a step further than mere brand positioning.

After all, your small business is a reflection of you. For many of us, our business is who we are. We live it and breathe it. We elate when something goes our way and feel deflated when something doesn’t. Just to get up and do it all again the next day.

Your small business deserves great advertising. So give me a call. Send me an email. Let’s get together and answer the question that starts it all: “What’s your why?”

About Doug Bennett

Doug Bennett, owner of Jab Advertising, is a 20-year veteran of the advertising business and even earned his bachelor’s in advertising from the School of Journalism at Kent State University. He’s a native Stark Countian and knows the Canton and Stark County community extremely well.

Doug was great to work with. We went through several other companies before we met with Jab. Their friendly, straightforward approach provided us with a beautiful site that immediately helped our business grow. Learn from our mistake … just call Jab first.

Kendra Nasvadi, President, Pumphrey-Hamel Insurance



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About Jab Advertising


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I began utilizing Jab Advertising for web design, but I now consider them my go-to source for everything marketing and advertising related. Jab is fast, fair, responsive, and they produce quality work that exceeds my expectations. Jab is easy to work with and they create products that turn heads. I’m always getting asked, ‘Who designed this for you?’

Barb Abbott, Owner, Canton Food Tours



Jab has a knack when it comes to advertising for small business. They catered specifically to our business and our budget. Jab provided a complete package from web design to direct mail and more that continues to keep us running strong. We also appreciate Jab’s personal and professional approach; they’re always there when we need them.

Erin McKelley, Vice President of Operations, Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar at the Strip

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